ForceK9 MOLLE Vests Made in the USA

ForceK9 Measuring Guide

Your dogs new vest will be built based on the measurements
you provide us...So it's really, important that you take your time
and get the measurements correct.

A: Back: base of neck to front of hind legs
B: Girth: around largest part of chest just behind the front legs
C: Girth: around chest 6” away from measurment (B:)
D: Collar: length around neck
E: Chest: from left mid front leg across
     the chest to the right mid front leg
F: Front: From the base of the collar area
    down the chest to just behind front legs (B:)


Your measurements are very important for the successful building of your ForceK9 vest. Measurements should be recorded in inches and snug to the body, but not tight. Start with a calm dog in a standing position.

Gather your tools necessary to complete the task…pencil or pen, paper, measuring tape (cloth - not the metal type in your garage).

Measure A: The dogs back/spine from the base of the neck (usually about where the collar resides) to approximately the start of the hips.
Measure B: The largest part of the dogs chest/rib cage just behind the front legs.
Measure C: The chest/rib cage approximately 6 inches away from the point of your last measurement (B:).
Measure D: The collar area around the neck.
Measure E: Take your tape measure and place it in the middle (mid-line) of the left leg (as shown above) and measure across the front
                    of the dogs chest all the way to the middle (mid-line) of the right leg.
Measure F: From the base of the callar area down the chest, go between the front legs and stop just behind the legs (measurement B: location).

To help us create the best fit for your dog, please refer to this drawing above and follow the instructions. We’ll need the above measurements in inches...Oh by the way, a cloth measuring tape works the best!.

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