ForceK9 MOLLE Vests Made in the USA

Why choose ForceK9 MOLLE vests?

Why Choose ForceK9?

About us

Great Design, Quality Materials...Great Product!

As the owner and designer at ForceK9, my vision is to provide high quality, well-fitted vests for your working dog. Through my background in Fire/Rescue, I often witnessed working dogs wearing poor fitting vests made of subpar materials. I know the importance of comfort wear for dogs...If it doesn't fit, they won't wear it.

Fellow rescue workers often complained to me about the poor quality of their dogs' vests. They mentioned problems such as: poor fitting, didn't hold their shape well, cheaply made, fell apart too quickly, and made with components of inferior quality.

At ForceK9 we'll provide you with a high quality vest, using mil-spec quality components, semi-tailored to fit your dog, allowing for ease of wear, comfort and peace of mind for you, the handler. By eliminating unnecessary straps hanging from the vest, adjusting the vest to fit the dog and providing cutting edge options such as custom LED lighting systems, we offer increased comfort and safety for your dog. Skilled in design and craftsmanship, we make each vest for the individual dog and handler, so special requests are encouraged. ForceK9 is my vision of what every working dog and their owner/handler deserve, top quality gear for their elite canines!

All ForceK9 Vests are built to order, high quality products designed to withstand rugged use. Lead times apply. For Custom product pricing, options and additional information, please contact ForceK9 via our Contact Us Page.

Like all great things...Our products are Made in America!

Custom Build Service

This is some of the equipment we use.

Get your vest your way...Designed for those who know what they want and have mission specific needs for their working dog. We'll help you prioritize your design, review options, and provide you with a pre-fit vest for you to try on your dog before we do the final build. If this is something that appeals to you then inquire with us via the Contact Us link here.

Mil-Spec Materials

Milspec Materials

The very best materials.

At ForceK9 we use only the very best, high quality, made in the USA components.

Fabric - The standard fabrics are 1000 (vests) or 500 (gear) denier Cordura®, which are very durable and abrasion resistant. Some of the fabrics feature a urethane coating on the back and a durable water-repellant (DWR) finish on the front for enhanced water resistance.
Mil-Spec code: Mil-C-43734. Class 3: 1000D Cordura®; Class 4: 500D Cordura®

Webbing - All of our vest and gear use some kind of tactical webbing. We use two main types of mil-Spec webbing. The Mil-Spec A-A-55301 is the common webbing used for PALS/MOLLE webbing (former Mil-Spec code was Mil-W-43668). It has five different types referred to the width of webbing strap (we typically use 1", 1.5" and 2"). The 1" width is Type III. It comes in 0.046" thickness and its tension strength is 1000lbs. The other is a very popular webbing Mil--W-17337. It's a good thin and flexible webbing for making and trimming gear. The 1" width is 0.038-0.050" thick and its breaking strength is 1200lbs, while the same webbing in 2" thickness has 2200lbs breaking strength.
Mil-Spec code: A-A-55301 Type III; Mil-Spec code: Mil-W-17337

Hardware - We mainly use ITW Nexus or ITW Military products. These plastic buckles/hardware are very durable, yet light-weight and made of a very durable acetal resin. The dye is mixed with the plastic resin so the color is present throughout the material, not just on the outside. In some custom builds, we use the all metal Cobra buckle which is available on request. When it comes to lead attachment points we use very strong, welded-steel D-rings or drop forged steel V-rings.

Thread - We only use Mil-Spec A-A-59826 Type II bonded threads sizes V69 & V138 (Tex size: T-70, US Govt: E and T-135, US Govt: FF), either nylon or polyester (brands like A&E, and Eddington). Both have a good water resistant features with polyester threads handling UV rays slightly better long term.

Hook & Loop - We use Mil-Spec AA55126 (Rev. B) Certified Hook & Loop products, meeting the stringent requirements of military and government agencies with brands like Velcro and others.

Five Core Measurements

The five core measurements are important for a perfect fit.

We use the five core body measurements you provide to give us an idea of your dogs body shape and build. These measurements includes two girth, back, collar, chest and front. From these numbers we will build your vest so it's highly recommend that you use a cloth measuring tape (NOT the metal tape you have in your garage) to measure your dog correctly.